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The location and reports request contact information is as follows:. The City Clerk-Treasurer provides open access to public records. The location and records request contact information is as follows:. Your email address will not be published.

Little Rock Police Dept. Pulaski County Sheriff. Pulaski Sheriff Facebook. Pulaski Jail Visitations. Pulaski County Jail. Any such hearing shall be closed to the public unless a written request for a public hearing is submitted to the board by the police officer in the application for hearing. It shall be the duty of the personnel board to hold the hearing as requested in a convenient place and in accordance with the rules and regulations as may from time to time be promulgated by the City. After the holding the hearing as herein provided, the personnel board shall report in writing within three days, unless the time is extended for a good cause, all facts and circumstances developed in their investigation and the hearing held pertaining to the reasons as to why such police officer received disciplinary action and the decision of the police personnel board concerning whether or not the disciplinary action will be upheld, modified or repealed.

The city administrator shall provide the Mayor and the city council with the report of the police personnel board.

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The police officer disciplined shall not be deprived of the right to legal counsel and shall be afforded the right under the rules of civil procedure to subpoena and cause to be subpoenaed witnesses on his behalf and the right to cross examine witnesses who appear against him. The authorized number of persons appointed by the City of Rolla, Missouri, as members of the police reserve force shall be limited to no more than thirty 30 persons. The members of the police reserve force shall be appointed by the chief of police and shall be compensated in accordance with the policy established by the Rolla Police Department.

Only persons of good character and health, a minimum of twenty-one 21 years of age, a U. Citizen, who has successfully completed such medical, physical, mental or other requirements as may be prescribed by the chief of police and rules and regulations of the City of Rolla, and who is a certified peace officer as defined by Chapter of the Revised Missouri Statutes, may be appointed to the Police Reserve Force of the City of Rolla.

The police reserve force of the city shall be under the direct control and supervision of the chief of police, who shall have the authority to remove, suspend or discharge, with or without cause, any member thereof. It shall be the duty of all members of the Police Reserve Force of the City of Rolla, Missouri, to complete successfully all of the training requirements established by the State of Missouri and the Chief of Police of the City of Rolla, Missouri.

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Upon successfully completing the prescribed training requirements established by the State of Missouri and the Chief of Police of the City of Rolla, Missouri, those members shall have the power to make arrests without process in all cases where they have reasonable grounds to believe any violation of an ordinance of the City of Rolla, Missouri, or of a law of the State of Missouri shall have been committed; and they shall have power to serve and execute all warrants, subpoenas, writs, or other process, and to make arrests with proper authority, as established by the State of Missouri and the City of Rolla, Missouri; and they shall perform such duties as assigned by the Chief of Police.

This includes but is not limited to: Antiques, coins, gold, silver, platinum, gems and semi-precious stones, watches, firearms, power tools, hand tools, computers, electronic equipment, cameras, camera equipment, including but not limited to film, digital and videotape, still and motion picture cameras, camcorders, and associated recording and viewing equipment. All businesses defined in this ordinance will be required to secure a business license from the City of Rolla.

No person or entity affected by this ordinance shall be open for business or receive any article or personal property or other valuable thing as pawned, pledged taken in barter or exchanged or purchased on any condition whatsoever, on any day between the hours of p. The receipts utilized by the lender shall be numbered sequentially with preprinted numbers and shall contain, at least, the following information.

An identification and description of the pledged goods, including serial numbers if reasonably available. The maturity date of the business transaction, and a statement to the effect of the pledger is not obligated to redeem the pledged goods, and that the pledged goods may be forfeited to the pawnbroker thirty 30 days after the specified maturity date. Per State Law, this will become effective sixty 60 days starting January 1st, No Gold, Silver, Diamonds, or other precious or semi-precious gems or metals received or purchased by any person subject to this ordinance shall be removed from the business within seven 7 days after the receipt thereof, except when redeemed by the owner, nor shall any such precious gems or metals be melted or re-cut or re-sized within seven 7 days from the receipts thereof.

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Further, no person subject to this ordinance shall sell, transfer ownership or possession of or otherwise remove from said designated location any goods received in purchase, sale, barter, exchange, or pawn for seven 7 days from the receipt of such goods, except for redemption of such good by the owner. All businesses operating within the city of Rolla and regulated by this ordinance shall keep a well-bound book or other form of permanent record in which he shall legibly and permanently enter the following information:.

A complete description of all pre-owned property, including precious gems or metals pledged with him or purchased by him. The description will include any number, letter markings, or engravings that may be on such property for the purchase of identification, including any owner applied markings. This record shall also contain the information required in section If any item contains in whole or in part, a precious gem or metal, the property shall be photographed and the photograph shall be attached to the record book or kept with other permanent record describing the property.

A picture of the seller or pledger. A sign will be posted inside the business informing the seller or pledger that the picture is required by ordinance.

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  • At least 60 days prior to the destruction of a photograph or transaction form, the licensee shall notify, in writing, the Rolla Police Department of its intent to destroy such documents. The Rolla Police Department, at its option, may request the licensee to turn over all said documents to the police department. The record will also include the disposition of the item. When an item is sold, transferred, or redeemed, the name and address of the person receiving the item, as well as the date of the transaction will be included.

    Such records shall not be defaced or erased and shall be open to any peace officer as defined in section The release of the property to the custody of the law enforcement officer shall not be considered a waiver or release of the regulated business property rights or interest in the property. Upon investigation of the criminal investigation, the property shall be returned to the regulated business who consented to its release; except that if the law enforcement officer has not completed the criminal investigation within days after its release, the officer shall immediately return the property to the pawnbroker or obtain and furnish to the pawnbroker a warrant for the continued custody of the property.

    Except as provided in subsection a of this section, the business shall not release or dispose of the property except pursuant to a court order or the expiration of the holding period of the hold order, including all extensions. Each separate item of property pledged or taken in pledge in violation of this Article shall be deemed a separate violation.

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    A license to do business in the City of Rolla, Missouri, for any person convicted of a violation of this Article shall immediately be revoked and no new license issued to that person, nor for the premises at which the violation occurred, unless and until the penalty for said violation, together with any applicable court costs, shall have been paid in full. Merit system established. Appointing authority. Chief of police - Appointment; term of office. Martin, Louisiana St. Martin Parish, Louisiana St. Mary, Louisiana Ste. Francis, Arkansas , Pulaski; St.

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