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By many exchanges had lost their local codes in lieu of STD codes. Early days of the telephone in Birmingham. This map shows the 40 local exchanges in use in This map shows the 43 local exchanges in use by Exchanges in the Birmingham Director Area in Old Number. Old Exchange Name.

United Kingdom Dialing Code - British Country Code - Telephone Area Codes in United Kingdom

New Number. Area if different. EAS t.

Telephones UK - Old Dialing Codes

HIG hbury. SOU th. SPR ingfield. Birmingham Sectors. A Drawer Code Cards. A Birmingham, Warwickshire printed in July A Director Area One printed in October A Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire printed in February A Burntwood printed in March To begin making calls to the United Kingdom on a regular basis, click here.

Here are the steps to take when making a call on the Nextiva App:.

Letters for digits in UK telephone numbers

Compare this to the six time zones across the continental United States as well as Alaska and Hawaii:. To understand these differences, take a look at this example of what they mean in real time:. For example, if it is 10 pm in the UK, it would be:. Note: Make sure to double check these time differences before you place a call, as Daylight Savings Time in the US may affect them. As you can see, the time differences between the United States and the UK are significant.

For business calls, earlier is often better, as the end of the workday in the UK is the beginning of working hours in the United States. As long as both parties are in agreement, you can call internationally at any hour of the day. Perhaps the most relevant consideration for anyone making international calls is the cost of doing so.

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International phone calls can be notoriously expensive and are often cost-prohibitive for people who would otherwise make them on a regular basis. There are several ways to reduce your rates when calling internationally, the most effective of which will be covered in the following section. Nextiva offers affordable VoIP phone service that scales easily to any-size organization, and within Nextiva plans, international calling rates are an affordable add-on purchase.

Rates vary depending on the type of phone you want to connect to.

By switching to Nextiva, your business can secure a competitive international communication advantage at an affordable rate. There is no reason to over-pay for high-quality international calling rates while there is a more efficient technology that can deliver the same results at a lower cost. Nextiva VoIP-based phone system can help you improve your international communication, save money, and make your business more efficient.

Cameron Johnson is a market segment leader at Nextiva. Posted on August 25, September 23, What other factors should I consider when calling the UK?

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How much do calls to the UK cost? How do I reduce calling costs to the UK? An example mobile phone number in the UK would be: With these steps, you should be able to get through to any active landline in the UK from the United States. Step 3-Dial the Mobile Code 7 Instead of dialing a location-specific area code, enter the number 7. Step 4-Dial the Phone Number Enter the remaining portion of the phone number.

Enter your credentials.

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This will allow you to enable international calling. If at any point you want to turn off the international feature, you can use the same process to deactivate these permissions.

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