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Hopefully its one that has broad enough reach to effect a lot of us. A very narrowly defined case could do more to make the water more murky. The Supremes have already sided with the 6th circuit by not getting involved. I am on the Michigan registry, so I have been following this case closely as it directly affects me. While the resolution of the case will relieve me of several requirements, I will still be on the registry for life. However, the larger hope is the possibility of Michigan eventually abolishing the registry completely.

Our new Attorney General has already gone on record as opposing the registry because of its punitive effects and lack of evidence that registries actually reduce sex offenses. I hope that the ACLU goes back to the favorable Federal District Court decision that plainly ruled the registry itself to be unconstitutional. I hope. The law has changed more than four or five times, l do not receive and notification of changes only when the tier l -ll or tier lll. I would think that if these laws being applied backward is found unconstitutional, we would all have lawsuits.

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Think of all the anguish we have been subjected to. Housing issues, employment issues, derision by the public. There is no unbiased venue for us to have a case heard in. Our families, mothers, fathers, wives, children, etc. The very law that is unconstitutional will be the reason that registrants themselves will not receive much compensation.

Eight out of 10 sexual assaults are committed by someone who knows the victim.

This is great. I think… I hope So if my understanding is correct, and it is US Federal law that requires states to have some kind of registry…. Please correct me if I am wrong here.

Michigan sex offender list at risk after lawsuit pushes to end registry

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Michigan Sex Offender Registry

Intended as a backup reminder. Service provided free as a courtesy. Standard text message rates may apply. Michigan legislators get 90 days to fix sex offender registry May 24, 16 comments. Bobby on May 29, at pm. Linda on May 28, at pm. Overit on May 29, at pm. Far as probation I would verify that information with the probation office before making any commitments and get it in writing Reply. Dustin on May 26, at am.

DarylS on May 26, at pm. Tearful Eagle on May 26, at pm. This amazes me as I always thought the US Constitution applied across all states.

Gerald on May 24, at pm. Robert on May 28, at pm.

Michigan Sex Offender Registry Act Update Ordered by Court

Jim on May 24, at pm. This, of course, is my opinion and you are free to disagree. District Judge Robert Cleland, who ordered the future legislative changes to the Act. The ACLU of Michigan is hopeful it will place more attention on sex crime prevention, rather than punishment. Examples of current major issues with the Act: Sex offenders must immediately register their email addresses and vehicle information once convicted of a sex crime.

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Registry and all of its requirements are permanent in nearly all cases, even for minor offenses. Offenders can be arrested for living, working, or just existing within 1, feet of a schoolyard. You can learn more about this story by clicking here and reading a full Detroit Free Press article, featuring mention of Oliver Law Group P.