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I pushed 9 as instructed. Man answered and ask if I wanted to lower my interest rate. I said Yes, but I want to know what this was about.

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Caller hung up! I have been getting calls from this number for 2 days now. As I cannot find the area listed anywhere I do not answer, nor do I return the call. Does anyone know what the number is or how to block it? Thank you. You can call your phone company to have a number blocked, but it usually costs money.

I got one from Saying it was a job offer and only need the last 4 of my ssn and my b-day. I told them no and he keep going. I think it is over seas, the guy had a thick Indian accent. Says it's for a survey and they are protected for that. I told them not to call me anymore, we'll see if they follow that. This no. I don't know what she wants but I'm not going to call back.

I believe that this is the program machine call that automatically generated hundred or million of calls to people around the states. It's better to ignore. You have 24 hours to claim. Luke Pohl. Peter Visser. Johan Correa. Matt Strangio.

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Wisconsin Rapids Phone Number XXXX Information and Location Details

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