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This is one of the most important criteria for targeted advertisements.

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Shows all the groups you are a member of, including the ID number of every group. Note: Many groups indicate your religious or political beliefs. Last Location. Shows the last location that facebook got from you. It is unclear how facebook is gathering this information. Linked Accounts. It is very likely that here you would find information about accounts e. This field was empty in all sets of data we got. Shows your language settings on facebook.

Basic criteria for advertising. Shows a long list of all your log ins. There is one set of data generated every time you log on to facebook. It is unclear how long the information is saved, but it seems as if it is deleted sooner or later. Besides the IP address and a time stamp facebook is also logging the form of access.

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Note: With this set of information IP addresses are no longer anonymous for facebook. Facebook is placing a cookie on every computer that connects to it.

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Besides tracking, facebook is also using this information in order to match users and computers. By doing so, they get a list of every computer that someone has logged onto facebook and all users that have used this computer. Note: If cookies are deactivated, facebook will generate another machine every time you visit facebook.

Displays all messages you have ever sent or received on facebook. It seems that this is now including chat messages as well, since facebook merged both functions. This set of information is usually one of the longest sets and very private communication privacy.

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US law enforcement agencies can access this information at there own liking, without judicial review. Kiss, Peter. I am really not gay.

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Please do not tell Susi about what happened yesterday night! This lists all messages that facebook is posting automatically on your wall. This information is not removed, so you will have to delete every post manually form your wall. Name Changes. Facebook is listing all name changes, including all former names you have used.

Gives back all the networks you are a member of. This information used to be one of the most important to limit the information others could see, before facebook changed its privacy settings. Example: Uni Wien Shows all the notes you have posted on facebook. Besides the title, text and time stamps there might be tags of other users as well. But facebook is now holding much more informations than the communists ever had and all of it is saved within the US, a country with no sufficient privacy laws!

I will Notification Settings. Lists all settings for notifications from facebook and all apps the user has activated.

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An encrypted version of your password. Phone Numbers. All the phone numbers you have entered on your facebook page. Note: Facebook is also saving phone numbers that other users have uploaded e. In this section you will find all pictures you have uploaded to facebook. This is often one of the longest categories. Besides the picture facebook is often saving much additional information, such as tagged people, the IP address of the person uploading the picture, detailed information and the precise location where the picture was taken.

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It might be a future feature for secure identification see wikipedia. Note: If you remove a poke, it is in fact just invisible for you. Facebook is never deleting pokes. Here you will find all the information about your political views you entered. Privacy Settings. Lists all your privacy settings. Note: You can only limit what other people can view, but facebook will always see and use all information it gathered from you.

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Profile Blurb. Shows the headline you have entered. This field was empty in all sets of information we got. Realtime Activities. Shows some of the tracking facebook is doing on its own page. This set of information was only sent to us with one access request, while it was was missing at the others. Time UTC Ip Recent Activities. Shows all the log-ins on facebook.

Facebook is saving all IP addresses and cookie information as well as information about locations and time. The information is deleted sooner or later. Registration Date. Time stamp showing the date and time you signed up. Religious Views. Shows the information you entered about your religious beliefs. Removed Friends. Lists all the friends you have unfriended the once that unfriended you. Note: Facebook is not deleting former relationships. From reverse phone lookups and reverse address searches to in-depth people searches, People Finder will provide you with a fast and reliable solution for all of your search needs.

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