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Since bench warrants are issued by a court, they are part of court records and will likely show up on a background check.

This type of warrant is issued when someone is suspected of a crime. For example, if police believe someone has committed a crime based on probable evidence, then police can issue a warrant for that person's arrest. Unlike bench warrants, criminal warrants are issued by law enforcement.

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Most criminal warrants will show up on background checks, but in some cases it depends on where the warrant is issued from and who is checking criminal records. Each state has different laws about who has access to criminal warrants, so whether or not warrants show up on a background check depends on whether or not the person checking the criminal record has access to criminal warrant information. For the most part though, these records are only accessible to law enforcement officials.

Civil warrants are mostly issued because a person failed to do as the court ordered.

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For example, if a judge ordered someone to pay child support and that person failed to do so, then the judge can issue a warrant for that person's arrest. Civil warrants are issued by a judge and included in court records, which means they will likely appear in a background check.

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The short answer is yes, warrants will typically show up on a background check report, but it can depend on how thoroughly someone is checking. Sealed Cases Cases that have been sealed cannot be accessed without a court order.

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A qualified defendant may apply for an expungement of their court record through the Criminal Clerk's Office. Criminal record checks may be obtained through the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services Criminal Justice line at Legal Advice The Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court is prohibited from rendering legal advice, interpreting laws, recommending any legal action and recommending a specific attorney.

You may wish to call the Prince George's County Bar Association Attorney Referral Service at if you need assistance in finding an attorney.

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