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Our [ If you are arrested and law enforcement officers are asking you questions, will all of your answers be [ In a recent court case, one Texas man was sentenced to 75 years based on family violence charges. If you are facing a family violence charge, should you be expecting something similar — or is his case an extreme one? What can you expect? To make ourselves better in the New Year.

The short answer: It varies, but more likely than not, a long time. Take for instance an operation finally shut down last month involving drug traffickers with Mexican cartel ties.

The Star Telegram reported that federal, state, and local authorities investigated nearly five years before finally moving in on a ring distributing narcotics in North [ With the election right around the corner, law enforcement officials are going to have their eyes peeled for any signs of possible voting fraud. Like the situation that recently sent a Fort Worth woman back to prison. She was on supervised release after a conviction for tax fraud when she voted in the [ When it comes time to hire a private criminal attorney in Texas, there is no room for messing around.

Even misdemeanor charges can result in lost wages, jail time, and a stain on your criminal record. Convictions add up, and they will only extend the amount of penalties if you are found guilty on [ Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs takes hundreds of lives each year — and those are just the numbers for our state. In the past few years, Texas law enforcement officials have experimented with different methods for reducing the amount of fatalities on the road. Extra vigilance and more DWI arrests seem to [ At first glance, Texas DWI cases appear to be pretty cut and dried.

If you get tested and have a blood alcohol content BAC of. You will be tried, and you will be convicted. Maybe not.

Types of Felony Theft

You might have [ Human trafficking is the illegal trade of human beings. The two primary drivers for the industry are sexual exploitation and forced labor domestic and agricultural , and because of our proximity to one of the busiest international borders worldwide, Texas — sadly — serves as a hub. How bad [ Within days of his inauguration, the President had already drawn up and signed an executive order to strengthen the enforcement of U.

A Texas family court will consider several facts when deciding which parent gets primary child custody. In its less severe form, a history of domestic violence can lead [ However, were you aware that many property crimes actually pertain to things that are intangible? If you are facing property crime charges and are confused about how or why, a knowledgeable Fort Worth [ Injury to a child in this state is taken seriously — Texas law is direct and highly punitive. Take a Conroe man convicted in a severe child abuse trial by jury on two counts of injury to a child earlier this year.

The offenses were against two toddlers, who sustained multiple injuries including severe head [ As a rule, sex crimes are prosecuted as felonies, carrying mandatory jail time and the likely requirement for sex offender registration.

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This means that you could receive probation instead of jail time, and [ When someone is accused of a juvenile crime, there are certain instances in which the case can be transferred to an adult court. In Texas, this is a two-part process. The first part of a transfer is an evaluation of the case against Texas criminal law.


What is Embezzlement in Texas?

The second is a more subjective evaluation of the [ In the past, many domestic violence charges could be — and often were — dropped altogether. That changed with the latest round of Texas criminal justice reforms, which automatically charge repeat domestic violence offenders with a felony, making it more important than ever to fight back. Since , the year Mothers Against Drunk Driving MADD was founded by a mother after losing her young daughter by a serial drunk driver, the issue of drinking and driving has been solidly in the public consciousness.

Studies have been performed, laws have been tightened, and rehabilitation programs developed. Forgery is just one. So, what is forgery, legally speaking? Individuals who intentionally attempt to evade paying their taxes can face hefty penalties. How hefty? However, not paying all of your tax does not automatically make you a criminal. The U. Department of Justice reports that drug trafficking constitutes 1 in every 5 drug-related arrests made in the United States. Texas is no exception to this, as drug trafficking is quite common here.

Is Theft a Misdemeanor or a Felony?

More than anything, we hope you were not involved in any of the alcohol-related car crashes that [ There are many scenarios where people can be arrested and charged with a crime even if they are [ To ensure some semblance of normalcy and quality of life after conviction, sex offenders must understand exactly how registration works and how long they are required to stay [ A probation violation is an offense occurring when you break any of the conditions a court assigned in conjunction with your probation.

Next steps usually depend on the [ According to the Texas Controlled Substances Act, when a prosecutor can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you intentionally possessed or controlled the possession of illicit drugs without a valid prescription and not for medical use, you will likely be convicted on drug possession charges. Generally, drugs are divided into five penalty groups — Penalty [ Texas law generally defines burglary as the unlawful entry into any public or private structure with an intent to commit any felony, theft, or other kind of assault while inside.

Even when a person has initially entered the premises lawfully, if they remain in the structure beyond the time they are welcomed if a store [ Juvenile drinking and driving have a high potential for serious crashes that could result in severe injuries and even death. Sadly, most kids neither have the history nor knowledge of all the things that might go wrong when they get behind the wheel drunk.

Despite the toughest round of Texas Domestic Violence reform yet, the courts understand the nature of these cases is usually complex. Judges maintain wide discretion when evaluating domestic violence charges, and often consider the impact their decisions can have upon the entire family unit. An experienced Fort Worth domestic violence defense attorney can review your [ Our city currently employs a response team of nearly two dozen on its arson and bomb squad. They process crime scenes, perform case follow-up, provide expert testimony, and work with a K9 unit on a hour a day rotation, investigating fire incidents around the Ft.

Worth area. Every member of this team is a state-certified [ It was an effort begun back in the s to reduce litter along Texas highways statewide, but since then has taken on a much larger meaning. In fact, today it seems to apply quite well to repeat DWI offenders here [ Healthcare makes a lot of people in Texas grumble.

How Shoplifting Can Become Robbery in Texas - Criminal Defense Lawyer Eric J Benavides

Getting high-quality healthcare is not easy, and when you do get healthcare, your policy might not cover everything that you need. Unfortunately, the healthcare industry has its own problems. In Texas, sentencing for drug trafficking crimes at the state level is still left up to the discretion of the judge who hears your case. Based on criminal history and any mitigating or aggravating factors, the right Ft. Worth drug trafficking defense attorney may be able to negotiate your sentence down to the lower end [ The Fourth Amendment clearly states the right of all Americans to be protected against unlawful search and seizures by law enforcement.

But where do police dogs fit in? You might have seen them at airports, music festivals, or other areas where drugs or weapons may be [ While they have some similarities, they are not the same process. The Fourth of July holiday is coming up.

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In addition to being known for barbeques and fireworks, this holiday is notorious for DWI and serious car accidents. The grief does not end with an accident. Criminal charges can follow you for months or even years. Take the legal proceedings regarding a man in Solano County, [ While many states have separate statutes covering grand theft auto, Texas is unique in that auto theft is not covered by a specific statute.

So, depending on the circumstances and nature of the alleged offense, you may be charged under several different statutes. Because Texas auto theft crimes can be charged as several types of [ In recent months, the effects seem to be reaching the streets. His conviction comes on the tail of Gov. Greg [ All couples fight, and arguments frequently get heated.

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However, when an argument becomes physical, this crosses the line into domestic violence. In fact, dating violence is [ Regardless of the circumstance, sexual assault is one of the most grievous offenses one person can commit against another. In all 50 states, sexual assault and other sex crimes are punished more severely than most other criminal offenses.

There is a bizarre distinction in Texas law, however, which calls for enhanced penalties if the defendant [ Texas underage drinking laws can sometimes be unfairly applied. A good case-in-point? The various circumstances that can lead to a minor being charged with MIP -- Minor in Possession -- without ever drinking a drop. Child pornography is considered a particularly grievous offense by both law enforcement and the community at large. Victims of child pornography are left not only with the trauma of the sex acts performed during its production but also later in life.

Today especially, these videos or images are more often than not immortalized on the [ Halloween looks very different as you grow up. As an adult, Halloween is all about late-night costume parties with friends. For children, Halloween means trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. The streets are their playground When you are arrested, charged, or convicted of a crime, the state of Texas puts it on your criminal record. That record is accessible to anyone.

If an employer wants to see it, they can. This may [ Self-defense is one of the most common defense strategies in cases involving assault and other violent crimes. George Zimmerman used it when he faced charges of murdering Trayvon Martin. A police officer in Dallas is claiming self-defense in a controversial case after she shot and killed an unarmed man in his apartment. News stories every [ Being accused of shoplifting can be a stressful experience.

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