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Our task, if you hire a member of our law office, is to find the flaws and problems with the police evidence. With this proof, we can help our client avoid a lifetime of harsh penalties through negotiation, use of pretrial motions, and by going to trial when necessary. At CriminalDefenseMatters. Hiring a lawyer early in the case can be critical.

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Important evidence in some cases can be lost if you wait to speak to an attorney. This is particularly true in accident cases in which cars are sold to junk yards and not able to be evaluated or the EDR electronic data recorder information lost. You have the right to walk into your arraignment and enter a plea of guilty. You also have the right to ask the court for a public defender. Only you can weigh all the pros and cons of going this route. But before you make your final decision, please call us and let us meet with you for a FREE consultation.

Call one of our three law partners as soon as you can so that our staff can schedule your initial consultation. In both Cobb County State Court which serves as a Cobb County traffic court for misdemeanor traffic violations to Cobb County Superior Court the felony-jurisdiction court for any first-degree vehicular homicide charges , you will be dealing with one of the most efficient courts in the United States. In State Court image shown above , a different Cobb County clerk processes misdemeanor court calendars and scheduling of criminal cases.

Our Cobb County criminal defense law office collectively represents hundreds of clients in these two court systems each year. For felonies, the county Clerk of Superior Court image of the exterior shown above oversees court notices for the various superior court offices but is also where all real estate deed records are housed.

All three of our Super Lawyers are highly trained in police procedures and are experts at uncovering errors that can lead to a reduction in charges, or an acquittal.

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Each of our highly rated Cobb County lawyers have years of experience in all phases of a criminal proceeding, from arraignment to final plea. Plus, all three are published legal writers in national law books.

Our criminal defense attorneys provide our clients with the best representation by knowing all aspects of criminal procedure and courtroom evidence. Our criminal defense attorneys collectively have decades of experience in each Cobb County court jurisdiction and the various players within the Cobb court system.

The Pretrial Diversion Program is an alternative prosecution for first-time offenders. Acceptance and eligibility into the program generally include consideration of the following factors:.

Following acceptance into the program, the offender must sign a plea agreement contract and their acceptance to an alternative sentencing program is contingent on a supervised course of counseling and cognitive therapy meant to change behavior. This typically includes ongoing education, performing community service hours, being subjected to drug screening and regular counseling sessions.

In other words, this keeps the public from accessing certain charges and prevents them from reaching the Internet and social media.

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However, security personnel and law enforcement would still be able to access the records through a background check. If an individual was under 21 years of age when convicted, certain misdemeanor convictions are eligible for restriction. To seal or expunge criminal records in Georgia, an individual has to provide a request to the court and a processing fee. The prosecutor has the authority to approve or deny the request.

Should the request be approved, the criminal records may be protected from disclosure or destroyed within two weeks. To be eligible, an individual must meet the following criteria:.

Those factors may include:. In unique situations where actions are taken to prevent the introduction of evidence, for example, witness tampering or perjury, this misconduct makes expungement unavailable. This also includes situations where the prosecutor either intends to take future action in the case. The punishments for crimes can be quite severe and can have an enduring impact.

Sometimes, minors may act without being fully apprised of the seriousness of their conduct, which may be considered criminal. If you or a child is in this very difficult situation, an experienced Cobb County expungement lawyer can try to help you or your child defend your rights to request and receive a sealing or expungement of your criminal records.

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